Polldaddy for iOS

Polldaddy brings you the power of immediate feedback. Survey customers, employees, or anyone on-the-spot with your iOS device. Download it for free from the App Store.

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No More Data Re-Entry


Automate collecting feedback! Conduct Polldaddy surveys in the field with your iOS device. The data you collect automatically uploads to your Polldaddy.com account. Return from the field to generate reports and analyze your data immediately.

Perfect for a Street Survey

Create your survey, and get on-the-spot responses on your iOS device wherever you are. (Psst: This one-to-one time is a great chance to collect anecdotal, qualitative feedback from your audience to get extra insight into your results.)

street survey

Generate Leads at Tradeshows


Collect data, electronically on the road! The iOS application allows you to create forms and surveys you can use to collect tradeshow leads and customer feedback as you meet and speak with prospective customers one-on-one.

Save the Environment! Collect Any Data Electronically

Replace paper forms with the iPad / iPhone app and upload data seamlessly to your Polldaddy.com account. For example, use it in a dentist's office to replace paper forms. Manage signups for school clubs and activities. The possibilities are endless.

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